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Marine Boat Restoration

Dustless blasting is a highly effective and safe way to restore marine equipment. It also eliminates any potential water quality and air quality issues that might result from a different type of process. You can use dustless blasting on steel boat restoration, aluminum boat restoration, and fiberglass boat restoration. This is a highly productive way to refinish boats and remove old paint or rust. Your boat will appear like new!

While dry sand blasting can be effective on steel vessels, dustless blasting can eliminate the pollution associated with the dry sand. On the other hand, dry sand blasting can be too harsh for other materials. For example, on aluminum, you may end up with a rough or warped surface. Because the dustless blasting system uses water, you will find that the result will be a smoother material, and even thin areas of aluminum won’t get warped.

For marine work especially, containment can be difficult as things are usually out in the open. Marine dustless blasting ensures that you don’t need to worry about containment as you restore boats – the only airborne particles will be water vapor. Best of all, we work on location in the Long Island, New York, or Tri State Area! Strip years of age off of your boat, and increase its lifespan, by trying our convenient and environmentally friendly process!



Dustless Blasting Buffalo NY

716 Dustless Blasting in Buffalo, New York offers a dustless blasting service that is environmentally safe and eco-friendly. We remove paint, sealants, epoxy, rust and many other surface coatings from metal, stone, brick, concrete, fiberglass, wood and much more.

Dustless blasting is the perfect solution to the issues and challenges that more traditional industrial cleaning methods have failed to address. Our dustless blasting system is gentle enough to clean most any surface and can remove virtually any type of coating from any material very quickly and without creating heat or a dust plume.

We provide many solutions for surface restoration and coating removal projects. We are professionals and take pride in our work.

Dustless Blasting can be used in a wide range of industries including but not limited to Automotive, Fleet Vehicles, Graffiti Removal, Restoration, Marine, Refinery and more.

We offer an eco-friendly solution on media blasting. Our process uses no toxic chemicals and causes no pollution or dust plume, so it can be used anywhere. Additionally, it takes a fraction of time than that of other companies providing the same type of service.

We are a proud operator of the most innovative surface preparation tool on the market today. At 716 Dustless Blasting, we can strip any coating off of any surface in any location. We use recycled glass media so it won't harm the environment. Clean up is a breeze because our machine uses water and media mixed in the blast tank.

Dustless Blasting is perfect for building surfaces, automotive, pools, antiques, wood decks, boats, heavy machinery, tractors, trailers, industrial tanks, bricks, stone, concrete, and any other surfaces.

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